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Manipulating and Protection From It.
Sheinov, V.P. Manipulating and Protection From It. — L.A.P., Saarbrucken, Germany, 2015 — 224 p.
The book provides us with the manipulation model and examples of manipulating in business, office and family relations and affairs, manipulations between school teachers and schoolchildren, university teachers and students. It is demonstrated who teaches children to manipulate, the socialization factors of Machiavellian setting in children are identified. The emotional and mental conditions of initiators and victims of manipulative practices have been studied. The universal system of protection from manipulations has been provided and its efficiency in various situations is demonstrated. The relevanceoftheproblemofhumanvulnerability to manipulative influence and damage caused by it has been described. Personal traits contributing to its state of protection from manipulations have been identified. Thetest “Assessmentofvulnerabilitytomanipulations” has been developed and provided.The book aims at psychologists, psychotherapists, students, graduate and postgraduate students as well as people interested in psychology and in need of knowledge of psychological influence techniques and ways to protect oneself from them: executives and managers, lawyers, political scientists and specialists, specialists in the field of management, marketing, trade, human resources and public relations.