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Psychological Influence. Volume 1, 2.
Sheinov, V.P. Psychological Influence. Volume 1, 2. — L.A.P., Saarbrucken, Germany, 2014 — 542p. + 375p.
This book of one of the most popular authors in psychology is a kind of encyclopedia of psychological influences. It is the first book, where the most significant results of researches and devoted to all known types of influence are presented (hidden management, manipulation, persuasion, request, infusion, contagion, incentive to imitation, rumors, formation of favor, self-promotion, pressure, aggression, ignorance, and NLP). The author proposes and validates the psychological influence model. The book shows that every type of influence out of 14 is an application of this model, and all most important results thereabout can be explained within this model.
The safe and secure system of protection from manipulations and other destructive influences and impacts is offered and demonstrated in the book. The book is useful for psychologists, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as to all people interested in psychology and requiring to have a good command of psychological influence techniques: executives and managers, teachers, physicians, lawyers, political analysts and promoters, management/ marketing, trade/ advertising, HR and PR experts.